Welcome to
Station Wireless Productions!

Marietta Velo, owner
Telecommunications Consultant
Living Benefits Specialist
Health & Life Licensed Agent
CA Lic#: OM54708 

Who we are:
.Licensed health & life solution professionals
.Living Benefit Specialists 
.Authorized nationwide mobile multi-carrier indirect dealer
.Authorized payment center 
.Accredited Better Business Bureau A+ rating

What we do:
.offer free full living benefits with  both Term or Permanent Life 
.share the importance of how to make Index Universal Life with our Exclusive Living Life by Design as a Tax-free Savings Account.
.process payment for 2000+ billers
.activate sim cards for all wireless service providers
.give the best customer service


Core Values: D.I.A.L. 



To be a recognized leader of the living benefits as a life solution by constantly communicating superior value for our clients and their workforce.


to Live the best life happily with peace of mind & financial freedom.

  • Monday - Thursday
    11:00am - 03:00pm
  • Friday - Saturday
    Appointments only
  • Sunday